Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I began this blog ages go it seems and have yet to detail my dreams here. I believe I started this blog sometime before I started my first semester in my Master's program-thinking maybe I could handle school, marriage, kids, and life while also blogging about my dreams-at last transition takes up much more time than allowing for exploring each of my dreams. Now that we are settled into this current, yet temporary, place in our lives, I am back- partly because I love pondering over dreams, and partly because my dreams have just been wild and fantastic this past year. I do believe going back to school-learning about education and how to become an effective teacher has flooded my mind with the widest spectrum of wondering and emotion, and this consciousness also stirs within the concoction of my night dreams. Realizing the magnitude and influence of "teacher" has effected all parts of me, even whilst I sleep. And at the same time I kind of feel like I have been jolted out of another sleep, a foggy haze of a place yet to be explored- now, in this same hazy place, a creative and passionate being once hidden in slumber has been recently found and shaken to awake and asked to take form.

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