Thursday, July 21, 2011


I walk into what resembles a mansion-stark white walls, ceilings high-though I never look up.

This place is like being on the inside of a cube with the walls cutout in many perfect rectangles.

I am walking along narrow pathways that lead between the doorways, the bottom of the cube floor missing; and moving below cerulean blue water. The marine blue is a brilliant contrast against the immaculate, chalk white walls.

I am shocked when a flash of grass green leaps from the water and I hear a significant snap sound. I look at my bare feet and a baby alligator is slipping back into the water. I notice then these narrow pathways are tested by alligators ranging in size and shades of green. I continue walking though consciously aware of my balance-the tiny alligators continue to leap and fall from the surface of the water, as the larger, more powerful continue to stew below. I stop cold, eyes on the end of the path, but my body at the beginning.


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