Thursday, July 21, 2011


I walk into what resembles a mansion-stark white walls, ceilings high-though I never look up.

This place is like being on the inside of a cube with the walls cutout in many perfect rectangles.

I am walking along narrow pathways that lead between the doorways, the bottom of the cube floor missing; and moving below cerulean blue water. The marine blue is a brilliant contrast against the immaculate, chalk white walls.

I am shocked when a flash of grass green leaps from the water and I hear a significant snap sound. I look at my bare feet and a baby alligator is slipping back into the water. I notice then these narrow pathways are tested by alligators ranging in size and shades of green. I continue walking though consciously aware of my balance-the tiny alligators continue to leap and fall from the surface of the water, as the larger, more powerful continue to stew below. I stop cold, eyes on the end of the path, but my body at the beginning.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I began this blog ages go it seems and have yet to detail my dreams here. I believe I started this blog sometime before I started my first semester in my Master's program-thinking maybe I could handle school, marriage, kids, and life while also blogging about my dreams-at last transition takes up much more time than allowing for exploring each of my dreams. Now that we are settled into this current, yet temporary, place in our lives, I am back- partly because I love pondering over dreams, and partly because my dreams have just been wild and fantastic this past year. I do believe going back to school-learning about education and how to become an effective teacher has flooded my mind with the widest spectrum of wondering and emotion, and this consciousness also stirs within the concoction of my night dreams. Realizing the magnitude and influence of "teacher" has effected all parts of me, even whilst I sleep. And at the same time I kind of feel like I have been jolted out of another sleep, a foggy haze of a place yet to be explored- now, in this same hazy place, a creative and passionate being once hidden in slumber has been recently found and shaken to awake and asked to take form.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Variable String

I often wonder about dreams.
I've read through dream books that provide insight and meaning to the mystery of dreams during sleep, like for flying ones or ones with unending rooms in a house, or the repetitive dream. The repetitive one is the biggest mystery to me-at least the one I had when I was a child.
However, in this blog I would like to go further with my dreams and document the variable string that attaches my dreaming state to my waking life. I know there is the understanding that our daily life affects the images and material that become our dreams, where when we fall to sleep the soul works through the brain by use of the self conscious.
But have you ever come up with an invention in your sleep? Have you ever fallen in love or swam across the ocean or suddenly knew how to play piano? Have you ever waken and made it a must to explore your dreams...literally? Maybe our dreams are not only about working through what is going on in our lives presently, but cris-crossing through our life-past, present, and future- and presenting our deep, authentic self as well. Maybe our dreams uniquely show some of our wants and desires while sleeping, as if to say, something in this dream could be the beginning to a waking dream~lived out loud.