Friday, September 29, 2023

The Giant Wolf

 Wolf Dream- In a parking lot and dusk is at the verge of becoming dark. A streetlight comes on as I walk out of a one-story industrial building, like a school. An animal I think is a horse rubs its head against my neck, like a pet dog would. I nuzzle with it for few moments. Its fur is soft and sleek, and the animal is warm. Jason smiles from across the parking lot saying I like the animal. He is attempting to warn me to stay calm. I take a few steps and the animal wraps its front legs around my arm holding me from moving any further. It nuzzles my head again and softly bites down on the back of my head, its teeth reaching past the diameter of my head. The animal is intent on keeping me where I am, not to hurt me but to keep me aware.

I realize this is not a horse, but a very tall and large WOLF!

I am terrified to move, but I try inching towards Jason who cannot understand or hear me say it's a wolf and to help. I keep trying to move but she holds me tighter between her legs and gnaws slightly at my head. I inch ever so slightly, and the wolf moves with me slowly so that I finally make it close to Jason. I tell him to help me. He says to me that I am alright. I'm afraid if I move quickly the wolf will eat me. I suddenly feel trapped and internally panic while keeping my body still. I make eye gestures at Jason, and he finally understands I want to be free. A man in all white with black gloves, and large round swimming goggles, appears. He pulls a white cloth over his head, and I awake. The wolf is gone. 

Interpretation- Before bed I wrote a creative intention list. Something to remind myself to believe in, to focus on. Having all these ideas and at the same time paralysis about initiating. This is what I read about wolf dreams after. 

-offer the gift of strength, freedom and the ability to fiercely protect that which is dear to us. Invite us to claim back our own power, to run freely and live our most authentic life possible, without fear, without shackles, without shame.

-fighting with a wolf represents an internal conflict about growth you are experiencing. "Limiting your success by fighting to stay in your comfort zone". 

-energetic health and the ability to express spiritual passions in physical world

-large wolf represents the overwhelming psychic and intuitive energies and to trust intuition

-biting means being hard on yourself or self-sabotaging

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